5 Printed Images

This is a picture of a plant. It was one of the first pictures I took. I painted the background pink and the plant green

smith_madden_ek copy.jpg

This is a picture of Emma Kate. We used studio lighting and face paint.

This is a close up picture of Ellie. This was taken in the classroom with studio lighting .


Artist Statement

These are my 5 final printed images. I took these pictures at different pictures around school. I colored 2 of my images and I solarized one of them. I ended up matting 3 of them. I used large paper for one of the prints and regular paper for the rest. It was easiest to paint on the big paper. 

This is a solarized picture of Gracie. This was taken in the lighting of the classroom, but not studio lighting.

This is a picture of Gracie. This was taken in the library with minimal lighting. I was able to get a good contrast by letting more light onto the paper and making the print darker. I painted this one.